This is a test for a tagline

I live to inspire life, love, excitement, power and creativity. I have performed for presidents, moms and dads, at Carnegie Hall, on Broadway and in tiny store fronts on the lower East Side.

I’m an explorer at heart. So, I’m grateful that acting has taken me to Europe, Asia and Latin America, but I never know where I’m going to be next. Sounds crazy right? That’s the life of being an actor, you never know when the next gig is coming and it’s always a surprise.

I’ve understudied for Pee Wee Herman, chased nuns in Sister Act, had cocktails with the AbFab ladies and worked with icons including Julie Andrews, Whoopi Goldberg and Earth Wind and Fire.

My first professional gig in New York was being one of four actors playing all of Shakespeare’s R&J off Broadway. One night, as I exited the stage door an audience member grabbed my arm and explained, “You made me remember what it was like to fall in love for the very first time!” That was worth a Lucille Lortel award!

That’s the impact I want to have on everyone who sees my work. That extraordinary connection only shared by an actor and his audience. It inspires lives.